8 ways integrators are losing money

By Nicos Panteli / 6th March 2020

Dear fellow system integrators and home technology professionals.

It is a well known fact that home technology systems need design and documentation before, during and after installation. No proper documentation and design, or lack of quality, can lead to serious issues in a project, and in your operations as a whole.

Here are 8 ways that you may be losing money:

1. No client confidence - Clients are never impressed with lack of documentation or poor design, leading to lost deals and less referrals.

2. Poor project handover - What you are selling and what you promised your client is not always communicated accurately to the installation team.

3. Inaccurate quotes - System not working or equipment installed for free due to wrongfully missing them out in the quote.

4. Re-inventing the wheel - Wasting time with technical details which show up repeatedly on most projects.

5. Installation team not specialised in system design - Design tasks wrongfully assigned to an installer, who may not always be the adequate person to do the system design.

6. Bad team communication - Wrong or little technical details explained to installers and programmers beforehand, leading to mistakes and unnecessary troubleshooting on-site.

7. Project delays - Delays in completing projects due to unforeseen technical problems that could have been avoided with proper documentation and system design.

8. Sub-standard service - Service personnel wasting valuable time on-site trying to figure out the ins and outs of a system that was installed years ago.

We will be analysing each one further in future blog posts.

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